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Next-GEn Motorcycle Helmets - the Skully FENIX AR

12 Avril 2021

Skully Fenix AR Helmet: Does It Live Up to the Hype? 

Skully has become one of the leading motorcycle helmet manufacturers. Their latest product introduced some interesting innovations, promising to change motorcycle headgear forever.  


Creating Innovative Quality Since 2013: 

Skully first began producing helms about eight years ago. Along the way, they've topped many lists as one of the most cutting-edge manufacturers. We've yet to encounter anything they've made that's disappointing. Best of all, it doesn't sound as though this time ought to be any different. 


Heads Up Display System 


First and foremost, the Skully Fenix AR Helmet slaps a HUD on the visor. You'll see GPS directions, and you can even operate it by using your voice. Even traffic won't stop it from understanding you. Directions appear without ever picking up your phone, eliminating potential distractions.  


The Camera Technology Inside of the Helmet 


Coupled with the HUD, the sophisticated camera system feeds live-footage to a computer. That video feed helps the helmet's built-in GPS navigate you to your destination. It can also record video so that you've got something on record if it's ever needed. To us, that seems as if it could be ridiculously helpful in the right circumstances.  


Functional Protection 


The Fenix AR helmet meets all standard safety certifications similar to the original version. If you'd like a helmet that combines style and utility, in our opinion, this would be an ideal candidate. The sleek black color of the helmet's chassis grew on us as we became familiar with the product. Not to mention, compared to its competitors, the visor appears to smudge far less often. 


We found this great video on Youtube that unboxes this beauty: 

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